eHarmony is an online dating platform that is designed to match single men and women that are on the lookout for long-term relationships. The platform was founded by Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch.


Neil Clark is an author of relationship books and a psychologist, while Greg Forgatch is his son-in-law. eHarmony is a test of all experiences and theories Neil has gathered during his years of work as a clinical psychologist and marriage counsellor.

From research and possible turnout of his clinical services, neil was able to come up with a model for matchmaking individuals. This model grew to be eHarmony’s matching methodology. The methodology goes thus:

“Potential date seekers go through a questionnaire and give detailed answers about their beliefs, skills, emotional health, values and physical features. The matching model then takes up this info and matches a happy couple using these core traits as basis for compatibility”

 The software doesn’t even stop there, it extends to evaluating each users’ average time spent on the eHarmony site as part of the behavioural info. Also, the software works with the belief that opposites should attract, before also matching individuals.

What eHarmony offers You

  • eHarmony has a lab where extensive dating researches are being carried out and relationship advice are being posted to the site for its members.
  • eHarmony was launched in 2000 and currently has members in more than 150 countries with monthly visitors ranging up to 7million. This is how far and vast you could be matched with your potential partner.
  • eHarmony’s new version of matching potential couples has expanded your options to include up to 90% more connections with other singles.
  • With eHarmony, you can text in real-time. This way delayed communication will no longer be a hindrance for you.
  • eHarmony has quick messaging options within its platform. These quick responses range from “If you could take a dream getaway, where would you most likely choose to spend a week?” to “How often do you find yourself laughing?”. As a way to break the ice when it comes to real-time conversations
  • eHarmony’s has dating sites for Asian, Black, Christian, Senior, Jewish, Hispanic and Local Dating including for people from age 25 to 45
  • eHarmony’s questionnaire which is an integral part of their sign-up process has also been made shorter. From over 250 to about 149 questions with huge tendencies of being reduced even more.
  • eHarmony helps build a basic profile for you when you answer the questionnaire and within a few minutes, you start receiving matches based on possible compatibilities.

How to deactivate your account on eHarmony

If eHarmony becomes successful for you and you get the happy ending you’ve been waiting for, this might be a reason to want to leave the platform. Deactivating your account can be done with a few steps and taps

First of all, you get to close your account

  • Login to the eHarmony platform
  • Click on your profile at the top of the screen
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Click on Billing option
  • Click on “Close Account” at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on “Yes, close my account”
  • Check your email for confirmation

After closing your account, you can now delete your account information. This should be done if you have no plans of returning to the site in the future with the same account.