Download Facebook Chat – If you desire to safe keep your conversations with your friends, be it part or the whole conversation, we have you covered in this article as we teach you how to download Facebook chat for safe keeping.

Download Facebook Chat

Download Facebook Chat – How to Download a Specific Part of a Facebook Chat

If you wish to download a specific part of a Facebook chat, there is a Chrome extension that enables you to achieve that.

To download Facebook Chat, specify the dates, (for example) For example February 22 and February 23, and the Chrome Extension will download only your chat from those days.

The Chrome extension required for this is Message/Chat Downloader. After you have installed the extension, log into your Facebook account and open the chat you desire to save

Tap on the extension’s icon, and a calendar will pop up. Make use of the calendar to specify the dates of the chat you desire to save took place. Once you are done, tap on the “Apply” tab at the bottom.

Tap the “Start” tab, and when you are thru with the download, you will be directed to a new page on a new tab, that will have all your chats. You can also decide the format you wish you want to save the file in. You can also download your messages in the same fashion, and see them on Facebook.

Download Facebook Chat – How to Download All your Facebook Chat History on a Computer

Download Facebook Chat – To download all your Facebook chat history, follow this steps on a computer

  1. Tap open your “General Account Settings” page thru the small arrow at the far right side of the top Facebook menu, and select ‘Settings’
  • At the bottom of that page, tap “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
  • On that “Download Your Information” page, select the “Start My Archive” tab
  • If prompted to enter your Facebook password, do so, and thereafter select “Submit”
  1. Choose “Start My Archive” on the “Request My Download” prompt to start the process
  • Tap on “OK” to exit the “Download Request” prompt. Navigate back to Facebook, sign out. The download request is complete
  • Hold on while the gathering process completes, and also for Facebook to email you. You will also be sent a Facebook notification.
  • Tap open the link you’ve been sent, and use the “Download Archive” tab on that page to download your entire Facebook presence and history in a ZIP file. You may need to enter your Facebook password again for security reasons.

Note; To Download Facebook Chat history it might take a while to complete because it’s actually downloading tons of information from your past Facebook activities, shared posts, photos, and videos.

Now you can keep your important conversations for posterity somewhere safe.