is one of the leading digital television companies in the entertainment section of the US today.  They deliver exceptional video streaming experience through an unmatched programming that has brought them 37 million subscribers.


They were the first to market digital television in the US and provided this service on a pay per view platform but with time they have improved by adding music, HD and MPEG4 channels by which they are offering over 190 channels on their site. as the number one digital entertainment provider uses its Service and programming information in conjunction with AT&T to provide all the shows, sports and movies that its users yearn for On Demand or at home, on the go or live. Offers access to channels and other options that include:

  • International language packages for Spanish and more.
  • Over 315 HD channels.
  • 4K Ultra HD for the best resolution you can get in your home.
  • Premium movie packages including HBO, Cinema, Showtime Unlimited and Starz Super Pack.
  • SPORTS Pack service.
  • App for mobile devices
  • Stream On Demand shows and live TV on your laptop or mobile device.
  • On Demand and Pay Per View events such as the latest Hollywood blockbusters and special events.


  • More than 190 full-time HD channels
  • Theater-quality sound
  • Most comprehensive collection of sports programming
  • Exclusive programming including NFL Sunday ticket, NHL, center ice, and NBA league pass
  • VIDEOS Entertainment To Homes, Airports, Hotels, Mobile Devices, Etc
  • Stream Live Or Watch Shows On Demand On Any Device.

DIRECTV.COM is your best option for all kinds of entertainment wherever you want it (with your mobile devices), whenever you want it and however you want it (multiple televisions at the same time). The company is also known as one of the companies with leading customer service in the cable and satellite world and employees that strive to hold a leading position in the technology world.

They have an entrepreneurial spirit that enables them reinforce their values of leadership, decisiveness, teamwork and integrity. Its like they groom all employees before they are employed as such quality service is what they promise their entire millions of customers.


  1. OnDirecTV
  2. DirecTV Premiere
  • DirecTV Action
  • DirecTV Family
  • DirecTV Classics
  1. DirecTV Series
  2. DirecTV Sports Channels
  • DirecTV Sports
  • DirecTV Sports 2
  • DirecTV Sports 3
  • DirecTV Sports +
  1. DirecTV Kids

DirecTV in all of its superb qualities needs just one TV connected to its Genie HD DVR then a Wireless Genie Mini for any other additional TV. The precise range of strength of these wireless signals varies usually by so many factors like: electromagnetic interference at home, construction materials and other environmental factors.