Buy Facebook Likes – Buying Facebook Likes, gives you a better stand with customers, increases your sales pitch, and enables your marketing posts to go viral.

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Facebook, has been adjudged to be the biggest amongst social networking websites. Thus it goes to show why companies (both large and small), artists, musicians, charity groups, entrepreneurs, business people, take advantage of this platform to advertise their services and products.

An attempt to advertise your goods and service can be truncated, if you do not have more people hitting the like button for your goods and services. In this article, we take you thru the benefits of buying Facebook likes, and how to buy it.

Buy Facebook Likes – Benefits of Buying Facebook Likes

• Makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of the customer: Most people, judge you by the number of Facebook likes you garner. This signifies your trustworthiness and therefore, provides a good first impression to potential clients and first-time visitors who visit your page. People, most times tilt to, listen or buy from people who already have established a good online reputation.

• Attract more Facebook likes: When you Buy Facebook likes, it increases your Facebook likes. People will get attracted to your page, once they notice that other people have liked it too.

• Buying Facebook likes saves you time: when you Buy Facebook likes, it saves you time, and also boost your confidence. Although, the fans you get from buying likes may not exactly be your target market, even though they are all Americans, but buying Facebook likes will quickly jump-start your page. Also knowing that you have a few thousand likes, can boost your confidence in the right direction, will reflect on your posts and interactions to potential customers.

• Expect sales increase of 20%: Buying Facebook likes, can increase your sales by 20% as online sales and conversions increase if you have a Social Widgets or Counters on your site.

• Use Facebook’s Edgerank system to push your page: Facebook’s Edgerank system, upgrades pages with lower credibility to a lower priority level. The more your page gets interaction, the less likely you will be ranked poorly through Edgerank.

• Anticipate a 40% increase; Anticipate a 40% increase in your naturally occurring Facebook likes. This is an essential statistics, as it posits that you can actually grow a real community around Facebook likes.

How to Buy Facebook Likes

1. Set up a new adverts account if you do not have one. Do the following to create one;
• Visit Facebook on desktop, choose “Create Advert” from the drop menu, and tap the close tab, located at the bottom-left corner
• Tap on “Ads Manager” menu, and choose “Ad account settings”. Have an account name created, and adjust time and currency.
You adverts account is now ready. You can now start buying likes for a Facebook page or post

If you already have a Facebook adverts account, you can skip to the second step.

2. Run a campaign and buy likes by deciding whom you want to buy the likes from, a page or page posts. Facebook offers two ad objectives, that fulfill your needs, 1. “Boost your posts”, 2. Promote your page

Buy Facebook Likes for Your Page

• Objectives: Visit Facebook on desktop > Create Campaign > Choose marketing objective “Promote your page” > Continue
• Ad Set: Choose your page for whom do you want to buy likes > Target Audience and Location > Choose Lifetime Budget and enter an amount > Schedule your Ad > Continue.
• Ad Format: Choose an Ad format > Customize your Ad > Place order > Pay

If this method is difficult for you to comprehend, you can buy likes with few clicks;

How to Buy Likes in Few Clicks

• Navigate to your page, and choose for whom you want to buy likes
• If you are buying likes for your page, move your mouse over the Promote button, and choose “Promote your page”
• If you are buying likes for page posts, then simply tap the Boost Post tab

Every time, you tap those promotion options, you have to select audience and a budget, thereafter, place the order.

Buy Likes From A Mobile Device

1. Visit Facebook Ads Manager on the desktop
2. Tap “Billing & Payment methods”
3. Add some money in your adverts account or add a credit card
4. Scroll to Facebook app on mobile
5. Choose Promote, if you want to buy likes for your page
6. Or tap “Boost post” if you want to buy likes for a page post
7. Choose audience, budget and tap “Promote”.

With all the outlined benefits of buying Facebook Likes, you will agree that it is worth a trial if your online presence, products and services matter to you.