The latest broadcast, chat, share, and follow social platform that directs you on the path to be a star. With BonkLive, you can broadcast yourself in a way to meet new people with similar interests on a worldwide base.


You can also see special offers from major brands and around the globe with massive upcoming/ongoing projects. You can as well make money from playing branded commercials while streaming live and also earn money for reading local and international advertisements.

BonkLive gives you the platform to be the next major social Influencer and a Star in one swell move. Should you be unfamiliar with who or what an influencer is, an Influencer is majorly a user on social media. One who has with time, made a reputable presence with one or multiple brands and has lots of followers.

What BonkLive Offers Influencers

Advertise: Any influencer can earn some cool cash on BonkLive through advertising brand logos on your screen. If you end up becoming a qualified broadcaster, you get to earn more than an influencer through commercials by advertising reads and videos.

More Profit: Broadcasters get to receive virtual gifts that can be transformed to cash at will.

Become the next Star Sensation: When you showcase your talent on BonkLive, you get to qualify as the next star sensation. Who knows, any celebrity, brand social influencers, athletes or an everyday person who might transform your life, can recognize you.

Star Broadcasters: You can get the opportunity to interact with stars from all over the world, YouTube celebrities and/or Facebook top influencers in BonkLive. Through them, you get to make more profit on your business or create better awareness.

Numerous Fans: Live in your own world and connect to millions of users on BonkLive who can help you become the NEXT STAR. Develop creative advertising strategies and let Bonklive help you generate income.

What Bonklive Offer Businesses and Brands

Social Influencers: These influencers can use their social media to persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach to establish more awareness and better sales for your business.

Advertise with BonkLive: With a database of users from all over the world, BonkLive gives you the platform to reach out to your target audience.

Token Payment: You can advertise on BonkLive by placing your logo in a 20-minute advertising slide during a user’s live broadcast. A secondary option for advertising will be to have the broadcaster run your 30/60 second commercial or read your advertisement on their live stream.

Income Streams Profit Centre for BonkLive: You can make and receive your income on the platform through

  • Commercial – 1 to 3 Live Stream Channel & Advertising Reads
  • Logo Placements on carousel for advertisers
  • Advertising – Streamer Reads Advertisement
  • Debit and Credit Card
  • Pay Per Push (PPP)
  • Virtual Gift
  • … And lots more…

Usually, there’s a cost attached to logo placement for brands and it is listed below:

  • A 10-minute logo placement goes for $60. When a user clicks on the logo, they will be directed to your special offer or promotion.
  • Each logo click will cost the advertiser $0.25 and some percent of payment also goes to the broadcaster per click as well
  • The secondary method of advertising will have the broadcaster create a call-to-action to their audience to purchase your product or service.

BonkLive is a Stream Live, Have Fun and receive tons of Rewards in turn. If you have long lost friends, you can meet them again on BonkLive. You will also make new friends and get followers while sharing your moments with the max benefit of being paid.