Firstly, what is

You may be acquainted with other web search engines but not Bing is owned and was created by Microsoft.

And it provides you with quality search services which include majority of the things you would love to search about like;

  • Videos
  • Web pages
  • Map search
  • Images

And even lots more. Bing is reliable and as stated earlier it was created by Microsoft to help you do more with a search.

About Bing.Com

Bing is written or should I say was created using ASP.NET and it’s available in just 40 languages. Microsoft hard other search engines like the MSN, Windows Live search and Live search. Bing now is a subsidiary for these other search engines developed by Microsoft which is even better than these previous search engines.

I know, unlike other search engines Bing has had some serious challenges in the past that have put them on a low-low when it comes to search engine recommendation. But forget about all that. You just need to check out the modified Bing.

It has features that you can’t even find anywhere. The past cannot be changed but the future can be made better. That is the new Bing story.

Features Of Bing.Com

The new features of are breathtaking. These are all you stand to enjoy from

  • BING TRAVEL- For those of you who travel a lot or for business folk who travel a lot, you just got the correct informant about airfare at your door. It gives you proper info about your travel fare so you would be informed about when to get your own ticket.
  • BING MUSIC- is bringing it real good on this because music is a thing of the soul. With this feature, you can explore anything music related. Be it your favorite music, biography, album, and videos of music artists. It also enables you to download and listen to any song of your choice from these popular music sites.

-Amazon MP3



  • BING HOMEPAGE- has a very rich, highly inspirational and beautiful homepage that gives you the following;

-Awesome image display every day

-Famous searches

-Info hotspots immersed in the image

-Travel, news, shopping, maps, and video links

Often the homepage displays quality HTML5 powered videos instead of

Daily images.

  • BING VIDEO- This comes with smart motion preview. You don’t have to worry any longer about clicking on video thumbnails with disappointing results. This smart motion preview helps you move around videos and watch previews fast so you don’t waste time doing around sites.
  • BING LOCAL- It also gives you credible info’s about businesses around you with a particular function referred to as “action button”. This makes work done swiftly.
  • BING SHOPPING- It makes your shopping less stressful as it offers you several shopping deals. You get this deals at
  • BING MAPS- This is one you don’t want to miss out on. It’s the Bing Map which majorly includes Mall Maps and Airport maps. With these, gives you reliable info’s on malls and airports close by and their various sections within
  • BING EVENTS- Bing helps you get access to tickets and do a proper comparison on them. in partnership with Fansnap brings you this.
  • BING EVERYWHERE- It provides you with Bing in several suitable forms on devices. E.g. Bing for Mobile, Bing for iPad and Bing on Xbox

Get on now and get answers to problems these features can take care of for you. Like the Bing slogan goes “Bing for doing”. Every gets done for you in just no time.