Best VPN – An acronym for virtual private network. An internet tool that extends its hand of service to any and everybody. Allows for users of the internet to have a secure private network while on a public network.

best VPN

The essence of a VPN is to steadily allow users send and receive data privately. Can be seen as a shield that is mobile. So to say that users in a VPN space can access a local network no matter their physical location. While the VPN can serve as a local area network (LAN) it can also serve as a wide area network (WAN).

All said above might be sounding as confusing as what not to someone who is entirely new to the word ‘VPN’ until a scenario is used.

Take a bank, for instance, all operations go through the internet. With a head office located say; -New York- in the United States. The branch offices are in other states. Definitely, there is a means of info transfer without managers having to leave their location. So they pass these info’s around through the internet and it has to be secure right?

The VPN creates a virtual space with all its shield in place to avoid hackers. Within this private network, all branches can send work details and requirement safely. But also seize the opportunity to benefit from the vast internet space.

The illustration above doesn’t restrict the use of VPN solely to companies or corporate bodies. Individuals can also use VPN servers for a thousand and one reasons.

Types of VPN

Before you can choose the best VPN that will suit your job, you need to know the types of we have.

  • At its inception, dial-up modems were handy and were made available through telecom carriers.
  • These dial-up modems are now replaced by IP-based VPNs.

VPN Services are Two Types

  • The remote-access service that connects a personal computer to a network and
  • The site-to-site VPN that connects networks in different geo-political zones.

To mention but a few. There are endless protocols on how VPNs work and how they connect to each other. Listed below is also a few of the different types of VPN servers that can be explored before picking the best VPN that suits you.

  1. P2P servers
  2. SmartVPN (Full VPN and GetFLIX SmartDNs)
  3. Pure VPN
  4. Open VPN
  5. Double VPN
  6. OnionOVER VPN
  7. Dedicated IP Servers
  8. Standard VPN Servers …etc.

All these servers are region/country dependent, have similarities but with one/two differences. Intensive knowledge about each server is needed before deploying any for business or private use.

Best VPN – How to Set Up a VPN Service

VPN services can be deployed in different ways and platforms.

An existing VPN can be connected using your Windows, Linux or MAC operating system enabled device.

You can create a VPN service from scratch by following known steps for your preferred operating system.

You can also create a VPN service using external sources like third-party apps.

VPN can also be created for your mobile devices be it iOS or Android.

The key to establishing a network using VPN servers is to create ease of access to company files, disguise a network location, ensure security during data transfer, and lots more… There is no limitation to what a VPN server can throw your way.

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