Bank of American (BOA) is an international banking and financial institute. Bank of America is ranked number 2 on the list of the biggest bank in the United States of America. The BOA headquarter is in Charlotte, North Carolina.

bank of america

Bank of America Corporation is a bank that offers financial serves in an outstanding way. At this point, you might want me to proof my point. After a little review on the BOA, as many Americans that do not have an Account with them will think about it.

Bank of America Service

As a financial institute, Bank of America offers a wide range of services. They offer services to individuals, small business, and help in wealth management. Outside the normal banking service, they offer other services like credit card, loan, and investment service. BOA wishes that their customers have a wide view of their financial life. As such, they provided a learning option on their menu. Here one can learn about:

  • Managing credit
  • Handling debit
  • Planning for life event
  • Retirement planning
  • Home ownership
  • Many more..

BOA Online Services

With Bank of America as your bank, you can now bank smarter than ever. BOA has gone a long way in offering online banking services. To make use of the BOA online services you will be required to enroll in the online bank or mobile bank.

How to Enroll or Sign up For Bank of America Online services.

With their experience in the bank field, they understand customer service so well. And as a result of that, they made their process very simple. Below is how to enroll or sign up BOA online service.

  • First, visit their site on
  • Just right under the logo at the top, you’ll find a red box.
  • You can sign in with you Online ID and password that if you are not a be user. If you are enrolling for the first time you have click on the “Enroll” link just bellow the red box.
  • Then you can follow all the steps providing very necessary details required.

Bank of America Mobile App

If we don’t talk about their mobile banking that means we have not said anything yet.

When talking about mobile banking, BOA is the mobile banking leader in terms of Privacy, Security, and Ease of use. The mobile banking activities are highly secured by industry leading security features. Customers are protected from all form or fraud. BOA guarantee their satisfaction %100 satisfaction on online and mobile banking security.

Latest Feature Of BOA Mobile App

Before we see other features of the mobile app. Let see the new Amazing features. This mobile app supports iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, kindle and other devices.

Presently you can just load a valid credit card and debit card you like in the digital wallet works best for you while you can still use other features. This means you can freely use your Apple pay, Android pay, Samsung pay or Microsoft wallet. Also you can now track your spending and set up a budget. This will help your control how you spend. Finally, you can Enroll and pay bills on the mobile app.

Other BofA Features

  • Manage Account: through this app, you can virtually do every activity without going to the bank.
  • Deposit Check
  • Send & Receive Money
  • Transfer Money
  • Statement & Documents
  • Alert
  • Spend & Budgeting
  • Bill Pay
  • Cash Back Deals
  • Find Location
  • Many more
How to Download BofA Mobile App For Android, iPhone, Windows, iPad and other Device

Getting the app is something BofA has made easy already. But I’m going to make it easier by providing you with a direct link. Just follow the steps I’m going to be provided below and You will get it now. Note: The step is applicable to all device.

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Just at the center of the page, you’ll find  “Get the App” with “Choose Device” button below it.
  3. Click on the “Choose your Device Button” then continue with your download process

With the BofA mobile app, you can get a smart mobile banking, paired with the secured feature.

Bank comfortably and securely with BofA mobile app for American Based account.

I’m sure with this short review you see why I feel they can meet your banking needs.