is a web search engine used to research just like every other search engine. Initially, was called Ask Jeeves. It was found in the year 1996 by Garret Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. is basically a question answering focused e-business and web search engine. The headquarters of Ask is in Oakland, California United States of America. As at January this (2017), the website was at rank 97 according to Alexa ranking. Presently, in June 2017, is has gone down to rank 119. That I guess is not a good one for a search engine website like that.

Benefits and Services Offered by has been in existence for over 20 years now. And still in the business of helping billions of people answer questions that are not easy for them to get.

The search engine has done all in their power to make sure they offer the best service to their users. You can access Ask as a browser plugin just like Google, Bing, and others. Then it delivers a new and useful content straight to the desktop.

Ask has offered great assistance to many users over the years of their existence. Ask offer answer to any kind of question not leaving any niche.  To get a faster answer to your question, if you visit the search engine. Below the page, you will find several niches. Let’s say you want to search on “tech” you can click on tech category then continue with your search.

Other Benefit of Ask Search Engine

Ask has some good benefit, which makes it a recommendable search engine. Let’s look at a few of them.

  • The site has made research fun for its users by letting them get reliable answers to everyday life. Presently Ask provides answers on maths, dictionary, and conversion.
  • Ask has the Binocular Site Preview feature on it search result. This enables easy navigation. With this searchers can visit a page with mouse-over triggering a pop-up screenshot.
  • The search engine has a feature called AskEraser. This allows a user to clear tracking of search queries, IP and cookies.
  • Ask has also made searching easy by designing a mobile version of its search engine. It is available on Android and iOS OS.


Askfm an Extension of Ask developed a social networking called Askfm in 2014. This platform users can ask a fellow user question. It makes a searcher get more info because of its interactive nature. The app is among the best breeds of App and it is popularly used by Irish children.


In the recent years Ask has managed to spread out from other search engine and direct its advertising campaign towards certain untapped niches. Hopefully someday can regain the once enjoyed.