As You Stay – Book Now Pay Later Hotels – The Internet today is full of hotel discount websites and apps inclusive. Sieving through these options can be very difficult as well as getting to know which of them can get you to the right service and listings to fit your budget. Although just surfing the web with

as you stay

Although just surfing the web with your browser could still be the best thing for you but the big deals on hotel rooms mostly come with rare tools. These tools I promise you bring the biggest discount to your table.

So if you are an iOS or Android user, why travel around, making biased stops at most hotels just to have a standard feel of their check-in and check-out time prices. These hours can be spent on a better chore or something that brings greater pleasure than driving around. But as you sit in or stay home, these hotels won’t book themselves right?

If you learnt there’s a free app that works with hotels so that you can make your bookings without leaving the house and driving for hours I’m sure you will jump on it. This app doesn’t just bring you hotel deals, it brings better. This app is the “AS YOU STAY” mobile app.

What AS YOU STAY Offers

With AS YOU STAY, you can pay only for the hours you use in a hotel. All you have to do is check in, chill for however long you want and checkout with no limits to the payment plan. This app has unleashed the power of hotel booking. Taking the service on a spring roll and bringing it to a better phase than the age-old constraints of 24hrs pay.

Let’s say, you arrive at your destination at a certain “before check-in” time and the only option is for you to wait till check-in time to check-in or pay for the previous day check-in that you didn’t use. This is definitely a terrible service option that most hotels bring to our pay checks. But AS YOU STAY app only books a room for you by the hour, which means you are not bound to the hotel’s check-in, check-out routines. You easily get a room and pay for the number of hours you spend in it.

Perfect I will say considering you don’t get to pay anything extra rather you pay less and only for services rendered. With just two clicks you can locate a nearby hotel from your mobile phone and book a perfect room to rest, relax or have a meeting for as little time as an hour or for days. All at your discretion!

When you’ve hand-picked a hotel you consider as best for you, you then specify the exact check-in and check-out time of your stay, payments are made, what’s left is for you to stop by the front desk, get your key, and have a fun time.


With the simplicity of service rendered and the reduction of check-in and checkout time that AS YOU STAY offers, the number of people who need AS YOU STAY in their lives cannot be limited.

You have the:

  • Travellers
  • Employers
  • Recruiters
  • Business People
  • Small Groups
  • Companies
  • Individuals, etc.

Don’t get stuck up anymore on hotel deals that don’t consider your pocket and the time you spend in those rooms, get an AS YOU STAY app now and access better offers.