Enjoy the sweetness of making payments with your phone. Android Pay storms the market with its exclusive digital payment app. Just by adding your credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards to Android Pay. You can shop in stores, online and purchase apps.

Android Pay

Like the Samsung pay and apple pay, it makes use of contactless terminal for payments. For those of us that do not like carrying credit cards and a fat wallet with lots of cash, Android pay is what you need. Say goodbye to juggle your wallets and credit cards in shops or checkouts. You make payments even while playing a game or chatting.


History Of Android Pay

Android pay is owned by Google I/O. As I have said previously, it was unveiled in 2015. The Android pay has taken the Google wallet as a base. It makes use of technology from the carrier-backed soft card of which Google acquired in 2015. At the app’s unveiling, it was compatible with a very good percentage of Android phones precisely 70%. Android pay is also accepted by over 70,000 merchants around the globe. This Payment App is currently available in the United States, UK, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Japan, Russia and New Zealand.

More Info About This Payment App

Android pay is one of the world’s digital wallets. The platform developed by Google makes use of near field communication (NFC) to transmit card information facilitating funds transfer to the retailer.  The NFC gives Android users the enablement to make purchases with their Android phones. The service allows Android devices wirelessly communicate with the point of sale systems using a near field communication (NFC) antenna, Host-based card emulation (HCE), and Android’s security. This app can also be used with tablets and smart watches.

Where Can I Use This Pay App?

This Pay App is used at millions of stores around the world, wherever contactless payments are accepted.

How To Setup Android Pay.

  1. Get the app on Google play store
  2. Add a credit or debit card from any bank.
  3. And that’s it, you are ready to make payments wherever you are. You just have to keep your phone unlocked.

How To Pay With Android Pay

If you have an NFC phone, you don’t need to open the Pay app to make purchases

  1. Just unlock your phone
  2. Hold the contactless terminal
  3. Select ‘credit’ regardless the type of card
  4. For a debit card, a PIN will be required.

How To Hold Your Phone While Making Payments

This is very important. Holding your phone wrongly may prompt to unsuccessful payments. The following steps will enlighten you.

  • Be sure to place your hand at the back of your phone, against the contactless terminal
  • The device should be kept very close to the terminal. You might hold it for seconds
  • Watch out for a green tick on your screen. If this tick doesn’t appear, you should follow the instructions Trouble using Android Pay in shops’ below.
  • Crosscheck with the cashier to confirm the transaction

Download the Android Pay App Toady an Enjoy the Experience