Android Games for mobile has as expected, speedily improved than any technology that came before it. And with the release of Android Nougat and Vulkan API, even further improvements are expected.

Android Games

There is currently a game for all occasions; whatever your gaming needs are, they are games out there for you; whether you want games that will just last the length of a commute, or want to be lost in the plot of a GTA where you spend hours mowing down pedestrians and making money out of murder, there is a game for you!

Our roundup of the best games available for Android is not exhaustive but offers an incite of the top games for every kind of game and if by the end you think we have missed anything special, let us know and we will check it out.


CRASHLAND [Price: $4.99]

Released in 2016 and already ranked among the best Android games ever made. It features an intergalactic trucker that ends up crash-landing on an alien planet. Your mission is to find out what’s going on, build yourself a base, collect various items (and craft them), and save the world from a nefarious plot.

It has an RPG element which is an excellent character development tool, with tons of collectable items that you can craft, and the game makes itself easier by doing things like auto-sorting your inventory. It’s a ton of fun and contains dozens of hours of content. And to top it all; there are no in-app purchases to get in the way.

Pokémon Go [Price: Free with in-app purchases]

With its explosion onto the mobile gaming scene in July 2016, Pokémon Go immediately became a hit and is ranked among the best Android games ever. It is an augmented virtual reality game where you walk around the real world, catch Pokémon, battle for Gyms, and hit up Pokestops to restock on items.

It beat virtually every record in the mobile gaming scene in a relatively short time. Although the game has had a history of server issues, but if you can get past it, this is a special game.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft [Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft was released late 2014 and has since remained a force to reckon with amongst the best Android games. Its concept is similar to games like Pokémon Go: The Gathering where you collect cards, build decks, and the duel other players using those decks.

Even though there are some offline components of the game, it is pretty much always online. It also has a feature for you to engage with cloud saving via, this will allow you to play the game on your PC or mobile device interchangeably.

Fallout Shelter [Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Fallout Shelter was released in 2015 to a huge fanfare and generally has generated positive reviews. In this game, you must build a fallout shelter (roll credits), populate it with people, and then manage everything.

You’ll have to manage the available resources by sending dwellers out into the wastelands for supplies and maintain security by fending off bad guys trying to kill everybody.

You can make babies; create entire communities, etc. It’s a game you can easily play for months before you even realize it has in-app purchases. The developers are also continuously adding new content to help keep things fresh.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition [Price: $6.99]

Minecraft is a popular game all around the world for people of all ages. For those who have never played, Minecraft brings you into a giant world where you mine and build stuff, maintain security (beat up bad guys), and do pretty much whatever you want.

There is a survival mode where you must mine your own resources plus find food along with a creative mode that provides you with unlimited everything. With further updates to the game at the end of 2015 you, are allowed to create even more fun stuff. Minecraft is a mainstay when it comes to Android games and it also has no in-app purchases.


When it comes to mobile gaming, Android no longer finds itself in the shadow of the iPhone. And that’s good news for those with a brand new Android device. You can now easily browse through Google Play Store to find top games across a wide variety of genres that you and the entire family can enjoy.