Amazon Australia – The U.S. major retail giant has once more unveiled the location of its first Australian warehouse. The company named a German executive as country manager as a way to portray a visible action, showing that it is prepared for its version of an industrial rivalry in the world’s 12th biggest economy.

amazon Australia

Amazon during the opening of this extension made known the important “move” of the director of consumables (Rocco Braeuniger) for Germany, to the Australian country manager role. This move was debated by most of the German unit Amazon employees up to the point where they striked in opposition to the promotion of Braeuniger.

It didn’t end there, the national secretary of the National Union of Workers who happens to represent the Amazon factory staffs, supported the move from the employees. Saying that the appointment of Braeuniger’s was a concern, and by that, it means that the no pay activism the employees where carrying out was in order.

Amazon on its own, having seen the lengths to which the employees were willing to go as a way to show their concern, offered no huge comment about Braeuniger’s appointment. They pinpointed their reason for the promotion to rest solely on the fact that he has worked various roles at the company since 2006.

Amazon Australia A Threat?

Considering the impact Amazon is going to have on the existing retailers in Australia, some major analysts at a financial services firm (Morgan Stanley) came into the picture. They took it upon themselves to understand the market impact of Amazon Australia in the existing market sector. And somehow, they predicted that its arrival in Australia will have a “profound” impact and pose a major threat to these retailers.

The major set of retailers includes:

  • Wesfarmers
  • Woolworths and
  • Myer

This prediction ended up bringing more top players into the picture, maybe to combat panic? But Russell Zimmerman, the Australian Retailers Association boss addressed the situation and brought down the intending panic by saying all these major retailers has at some point been planning for Amazon’s arrival.

He pointed out that Amazon Australia was just an outstretched hand that will bring the already existing Amazon market place to Australia. As far as he was concerned, Amazon is just another retailer, and other retailers should be prepared to have them around.

With this growth in the Amazon Company, their chief executive Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest man (for a period of time before Bill Gates reclaimed the lead) according to Forbes magazine. This was in addition to Mr Bezos ownership of The Washington Post newspaper, his estimated net worth came to about $US90 billion ($113 billion).

What Is Coming With Amazon Australia

The Australian expansion has happened and after much speculation on where it would be established, Amazon got the former Bunning’s Warehouse site that is 24,000 square meters. So this amount of space comes with:

  • Amazon Prime
  • AmazonFresh
  • Electronic Goods
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Music
  • Packed Groceries
  • Videos
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Meat
  • …and lots more

Even though the space they got is a limited version of the 93,000 they were looking for, this facility located at the Pellicano’s M2 Industry Park will provide easy and quality service to the people of Australia!