Alexa is a personal assistant developed by Amazon, made popular by Amazon Echo/Amazon Echo Dot devices. For most devices, Alexa can be activated using the “wake” word (Echo) and for some other devices like the Amazon app for iOS or Android, the user has to push a button to activate it.


It is capable of voice interaction, making to-do lists, providing traffic stats, music playback, streaming podcasts, curate news aggregates, setting alarms, playing audiobooks, providing weather updates, and other real time information.

Basic Functions of Alexa

Home automation: it can control smart devices using itself as a home automation system. It currently interacts and communicates in only in English and German. The Home Automation feature was launched on April 8, 2015.

Ordering: Take-out food can be ordered using Alexa with support from Domino’s Pizza, Grubhub, Pizza Hut, Seamless, and Wingstop. UK users have the support of Just Eat for their meal order. And Amazon Prime users can order meals in 20 major US cities when they use Alexa.

Music: Prime Music, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Amazon Music Unlimited, iHeartRadio, Audible, Pandora, and Spotify Premium is synced with Alexa. Through which users can access a multitude of subscription-based and free streaming services on Amazon devices.

Sports: Alexa-user can get updates on 15 top supported teams like EPL – English Premier League, NBA – National Basketball Association, NCAA men’s basketball – National Collegiate Athletic Association, UEFA Champions League – Union of European Football Association, FA Cup – Football Association Challenge Cup, etc.

Messaging and Email: Alexa can deliver messages to a receiver’s Alexa application and their Echo devices that are associated with their Amazon account.

Alexa also offers

  • Weather reports by AccuWeather
  • News by TuneIn from sources including local radio stations, NPR, and ESPN
  • Alexa has built-in support for Pandora and Spotify accounts and also play streamed music from Apple Music and Google Play Music from a phone or tablet
  • Alexa manages your alarms, timers, shopping and to-do lists while responding to questions about items in the user’s shopping cart.

The Complete List of Alexa Commands

Alexa commands is an extensive and ever-growing world on its own. Every new service or device it supports expands its understanding of natural language. And these commands can be uniquely defined, all depending on how you train the Alexa to know you.

The list of Alexa commands goes below:

Basic Commands: Ask for help, Mute or unmute, Stop or pause, Change volume

Media Controls: Play music, Queue specific song or artist, Play a song based on context, Play the song of the day, Play Spotify music, Play Pandora station, Play a radio station, etc.

Time and Date: Set an alarm, Set a repeating alarm, Set a timer, Create a named timer, Set multiple timers, Cancel a timer, etc.

Calls And Messaging (for its Echo users): Call another Echo user, Answer an incoming call, Hang up, Message another Echo user, Play messages, Turn off the video during an ongoing call, etc.

To-Do and Shopping Lists: Add task to to-do list, Create a new to-do item, Check calendar events, Add an event to a calendar, Create a shopping list, etc.

More Of  the Commands

News and Weather: Check headlines, Check weather, get a weather forecast, Get traffic information, etc.

Entertainment and Food: Find movies in nearby theaters, Get information on movies playing, Discover nearby restaurants, Get IMDb rating, Find out who sings a particular song, Get album information, etc.

Math: Convert units, Basic math, and advanced math.

Definitions and Spelling: Get the definition of a word, Get the spelling of a word.

Sports: Check the results of a finished game, Ask if a team won, Ask when the next game is scheduled, Get league standings, etc.

Purchasing: Reorder essentials from Amazon, Track packages from Amazon, Add an item to your cart, Find new music to purchase, Purchase a song or album from an artist, Ask about deals, etc.

There are also commands for Voicecast, Smart home, Profiles and user accounts, Skills, Search, and Easter eggs jokes. The Alexa from Amazon can be said to be the best assistant out there.